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Dutch Fellow is a home of creative ideas where strong content is created. Excellent photography and films combined with perfect design excite us, and we constantly strive to push boundaries.

We strongly believe that working should be a joyful activity that gives energy. For us, this is graphic design, photography, and film productions. Despite our experience in various market sectors, Dutch Fellow specializes in media and design projects for construction, transport, and heavy industry.

Dutch Fellow is the ultimate expression of our years of hard work and experience.

Menno Mulder

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Dutch Fellow

In 2009, after working more than a decade at leading agencies, Menno started the company Dutch Fellow. The mission was simple: produce affordable, outstanding creative design and media productions. Over the years, the mission has remained the same. Still, our set of skills expanded into storytelling, film productions, and photography. Graphic design will always be our first love but adding photography and film productions resulted in a powerful creative service.

After winning a corporate identity pitch from an industrial company in 2015, we received more orders from this specific market and grew as a specialist media agency for construction, transport, and heavy industry. Our future is driven by offering outstanding media and design projects that respectfully tell your story, leaving a crushing impression. We will continue providing our creative media services to construction, transport, and heavy industry companies.

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