indoor signing made good

Recently we moved to rotterdam

After working for more than a decade in The Hague, we recently moved to Rotterdam. Expanding our team and an intensive partnership with Gorillz & Wiggo were decisive in this decision. Of course it is a pleasant side effect that many of our clients are located in this region, which means that we can anticipate even faster. All our stuff hes been transferred and we've started furnishing the studio and designing the indoor signing.

Awesome oil painting effect

For all team photos we  made a great action script in photoshop. This allows us to transform all images in the same style. The overall appearance and interior is industrial (concrete, solid wood and iron) and the portraits of our team members on the walls emphasize our authenticity. Of course our signing has to look super cool, but it also has a functional purpose to show visitors the way.

Much more than just a coffee mug

Letting the world know that we continue our media challenges from a kickin ass studio in Rotterdam. This coffee cup will convey the message crystal clear. Again with a personal approach and clients have always our contact information at hand.

Quality as trademark

The trademark of Dutch Fellow is creative graphic media productions and their high-quality finishing. We apply our creativity and experience to realise your ambitions and to provide the best possible quality. Our team of specialists will consider the message your company wishes to communicate, and will provide the right premiums to associate with them. We love assisting you to become even more successful!

Create premiums that will leave a mark

At Dutch Fellow we create unique, creative premiums that help you increase brand awareness and to meet your targets. Are you also in need of excellent signing that sticks like a charm?

Please contact MENNO MULDER.
+31 (6) 365 488 86 // hello@dutchfellow.eu


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