Berry Shop

Behind the scenes

Devoted to fashion

With more than 22,000 days behind the counter (that’s 60 years, for the curious among us) Berry Shop not some fly-by-night newcomer looking to storm the market. Expect generations of sartorial experience passed from grandfather, to father, to son—combined with a dash of down-to-earth Dutch mindset and a pinch of Amsterdam frankness. Berry Shop is professional, inexpensive, they tailor your clothes immediately, grind fresh coffee, and sometimes sing along with the radio—albeit badly. You should expect a most excellent dose of service and attention!

Working with the industries finest

Because this project was tied to a tight budget, we planned the photoshoot and film recordings on the same day. A tight schedule and clear division of tasks was essential. Dominique Sonneveld was responsible for the photos and Menno Mulder took care of the film.

Berry and his friends replaced the models and as decor we had the boat of Freddy Heineken at our disposal all day. Not only did this provide an insanely cool day, but also the images and film are absolutely amazing. See for yourself how relaxed this shoot went, even while there was a tight schedule.

Behind the scenes



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